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Pureflo Purifiers No Chemicals
Membrane Technology

Membrane Technology is the superior and the best method of water purification available today. Membrane water purifiers are reliable and dependable which makes them different from other water purifying methods like chemical purifiers & UV purifiers, as they do not depend on chemical dosing or UV rays or the level of contamination for the efficient purification of water for drinking.

Permionics is the Pioneer of Membrane Technology in India. We have been in water industry for the last 30 years and are the only Indian company making all the three types of membranes used for domestic water purification for drinking purpose ie. Ultra-Filtration, Nano-filtration and RO. Permionics believes in giving healthy and right solution to the customers, hence makes different water purifiers for different water quality.
Pureflo UF :

Pureflo UF water purifier is India’s original membrane water purifier. It is based on Ultra-filtration membrane technology, and is basically designed for low TDS water, TDS below 500 ppm for eg. municipal water.

Pureflo UF water purifiers use as their active element, Ultra Filtration Membrane with pores so fine (0.01 micron) that micro-organisms are unable to pass through therefore acting as an effective barrier against pathogenic micro-organisms, colloidal matter and other physical impurities. This process does not use added chemicals or even electricity. This is a method of complete purification whereby not even bacterial debris remains in water. This process can be compared to the natural purification process occurring in plant tissues whereby plants absorb purified water from dirty subsoil water with the aid of their natural cell membranes. On comparison, these filters prove to be the best to combat the influx of waterborne, illness causing pathogens (bacteria and virus).

Pureflo UF (and all our UF products) works with the overhead tank water pressure. Pureflo UF has been designed to give 15 to 20 LPH at 10 ft. head. The output will be directly proportional to the height of overhead tank. However, the min. head required is 10 ft.
Pureflo NF:
Pureflo NF is the First Chlorine Resistant Nanofiltration Membrane based water purifier that removes the right amount of TDS from water, while it completely removes turbidity, colloids, bacteria and viruses to give safe, healthy and nourishing drinking water.
Membrane type Proprietary Polyethersulfone NF membrane
Free Chlorine 5 ppm continuous; 50 ppm shock
Permeate Flow 8 to 10 litres/hr ± 10%
Hardness Rejection min. 55%
TDS Rejection ~ 35 – 40%
Pureflo RO:
Normal RO membranes get damaged and lose the capacity to reject salts if operated on chlorinated water supplies and RO membranes cannot be sterilized using any disinfecting agent. However, this proprietary chemistry membrane of ours developed in-house and operating on large industrial scale systems, can be sterilized using chlorine and will still maintain its rejection. This ensures that there is no bacterial growth either on feed or permeate side.Second most important factor is the indiscriminate use of RO membranes on water having even potable levels of TDS, which results in the user drinking almost distilled water which does more harm than good in the long run. The WHO limit for TDS in drinking water is 500 ppm, and majority of places have tap water, TDS ranging from 60 ppm to 600 ppm. In this band width, our new membrane will condition the water just the right amount to give safe and nourishing potable water rather than DEAD water.
Membrane type Polyamide RO
Free Chlorine less than 0.1 ppm
Permeate Flow 8 to 10 litres/hr ± 10%
TDS Rejection ~ 90%
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